Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are great for every room around the house. We have a full range of sunscreen, blockout and light filter roller blinds to meet everyones needs. Our roller blinds come with a 10 year warranty on fabric, operating mechanisms, and components.


  • Sunscreen roller blinds allow you to admire the view from your window whilst providing daytime privacy.  It also helps to protect your carpet/furniture whilst allowing natural light into the room.
  • Our Sunscreen range comes in 2%, 3%, 5% and 10%. A 5% will block out 95% of light, this is the most common choice. However 2% is recommended for areas that require more UV protection or to reduce glare on surfaces such as TV’s or computer screens


  • Block-out roller blinds are the cost effective way of adding style, warmth and privacy to any window in your home or office. These blinds are easy to clean and available in a large range of colours, whilst providing the most privacy of any type of blind we provide. These blinds are ideally suited to bedrooms.

Light Filter

  • Light filter roller blinds offer a textured, sophisticated fabric with some quite unique properties. They allow daytime light to filter through whilst offering privacy both during the day & night. These blinds are ideally suited to living areas, kitchens and close quarter living such as apartments.



Caleys has solutions to motorise your blinds, thereby eliminating chains and offering a clean look to your windows and rooms.

We mainly use the automation suite from Rollease Acmeda which gives the choice of

  • Hardwired motors operated by a hand held or wall mounted remotes.
  • Battery motors with different sizes to handle blinds up to 3.0m wide by 3.0m high.
  • Hardwired motors that can be connected to home or business automation.


Battery motors are great where wiring cannot be run to the windows, and the charging method is similar to mobile phones.  Depending on use batteries can last between 9 and 12 months between charging.

Remote controlled hardwired motors and battery motors can also be operated through a mobile app. which makes operating blinds even more convenient.

Our hard wired motors come with a 7 year warranty, battery motors are covered for 5 years and remote controls are covered for 7 years.